Main Character: Rick (Richard) Seaton

Age: 16 years old at time of Alouette's Song, 32 at time of Alouette's Dream

Birthdate: 31 December

Birthplace: Westmont, New Jersey, USA

IQ: 160

Physical description (at start of story cycle): Caucasian, pale skin from lack of outdoor activity, 5 foot 8 inches tall, straight chestnut hair, unnaturally beautiful sky blue eyes, 180 pounds (30 pounds overweight) heart-shaped face, hair to collar. Very cute young man in straight female eyes, very beautiful in gay male eyes.

Orientation: autosexual male with straight leanings, virgin with respect to either gender.

Celestial characterization: Jupiter.

Religion: Conservative Judaism. Partial believer, minimally observant, alienated from practicing his faith due to overbearing upbringing by status-conscious rather than faithful family.

Likes: mushroom-double cheese pizza, reading (especially history), creating art (especially sculpure), watching anime.

Special Talents: sculpture, amateur chef.

Paranormal abilities: Selfless luck (Rick is unaware he has this ability). This is an imperfect Teela power. When Rick decides to risk great injury for the sake of others, the odds of survival for those he intends to rescue goes up exponentially proportional to the odds against him and the potential damage he might face as a consequence. This is very much in keeping with his life of survival regardless of impossible odds.

Relatives: Dotty (wife), Sarah (daughter), David (son), Hannah (daughter), Levi (son), Havvah (daughter), Jack (father), Debby (mother), James (father-in-law), Becky (mother-in-law)

Advisors: Aadrika (psychiatrist), Jacob (rabbi)

Friends: Dotty (romance), Martin (old summer camp buddy), Margie (old crush), Shiro Higa

Enemies: Jack (father), Debby (mother), Marc

Title: Overlord (retired)

Rick was raised by violent and emotionaly abusive parents. He's passive, compliant, and pessimistic regarding humanity. Daydreams during Hebrew school. When at home spends much of his time either reading or watching anime. It doesn't stop him from devising a long-range plan to escape his parents, namely to study hard to accelerate his education rather than aim for high grades. By great luck he skips all of junior high school (7th and 8th grades). The instant he did that he silently swore an oath with all living things to witness, that he would rather kill himself than become like his parents or his bullies. He compresses his high school education from 4 years to 3, graduating as a junior. At 16 he had even been a college sophomore, double majoring in history and art, until his father deduces his long-range goals and kills them, making Rick suicidal. However, Rick is shocked out of his suicide attempt by witnessing impending death of Dotty and placing her need to live above his need to die. Gains Overlordship of said alien world by sacrificing his sanity and then temporarily his life to save millions of people. He then immediately lays down a new constitution that abolishes feudalism, calls for elections, and steps down. Rick upon the end of his adventures becomes suicidal again in Jacob's presence and briefly needs to be hospitalized. With the help of his psychiatrist and rabbi gains the courage to have a final showdown with his parents to gain permission to marry Dotty while still underage. Marries Dotty and conceives a child (Sarah) with her at the end of Alouette's Song.