Main Character: Margie (Margaret) Spencer

Age: 17 years old at time of Alouette's Song, 33 at time of Alouette's Dream

Birthdate: unknown

Birthplace: unknown. Abandoned at 3 in Spokane, Washington, USA

Physical description (at start of story cycle): 5 foot 11 inches tall, Caucasian, straight black hair, very light grey eyes, oval face, hair to small of back, pale ivory skin. Sedentary. Had bariatric surgery two years ago, now weighs 120 pounds. Pretty rather than beautiful. A cup.

Orientation: straight female, chaste virgin

Celestial representation: Mercury

Religion: Deist (belief in the Creator by her understanding of laws of physics)

Likes: Science of most types

Special Talents: Ability to see math as holograms, occasional precisely correct intuitions.

Paranormal abilities: none

Relatives: Martin (husband), Marvin (son), Alouette (daughter), River (daughter), Robert (father-in-law), Sylvia (mother-in-law)

Advisors: Marc (foster parent, college professor, academic adviser)

Friends: Dotty, Martin (childhood crush and later lover), Rick (willing to hook-up with but not marry)

Enemies: Marc

Occupation: Graduate student working on master's degree in mathematics.

Margaret was abandoned by her parents at 3 for having non-verbal autism. At 4-5 participated in an experimental program for sensory-bombardment based educational program derived from North Korean re-education technology rendered gentle for theraputic use. Started talking at 6. Languished in foster care until discovery in 6th grade by Marc for having extraordinary mathematics ability, and applied to be her foster parent. Home schooled her himself in mathematics and with tutors for other subjects, at Margaret's natural learning speed which was twice normal. Graduated high school at 14. Honors math student during first two years of college, at the end of which was transferred to graduate math department in lieu of junior year. Has a childhood friend, Martin, who protected her from being bullied during grade school, she's secretly in love with him because of that. Working for Marc organizing the mathematics for his theoretical system of clean power generation. When Rick accidently discovers a catalyst for said clean power Marc believed was only hypothetical, helps Martin construct the spaceship Alouette to use that power. She and Martin award their virginities to each other during ship's construction. Her imaginary heads-up-display reveals to her an insight for a one-to-one-and-onto mathematical mapping function from realspace to otherspace for faster-than-light travel from Marc's clean power equations and secretly requests her lover overbuild the engines to take advantage of it. Marries Martin just after ship is built. Gets pregnant with Alouette and Marvin during journey. Returns home safely with her husband, with her children born the following year.